Arctic Offshore Drilling Services

At Parker Wellbore, our aim is to be the most innovative, reliable and efficient company in our industry and that is something we bring to every project we work on.

Parker Wellbore develops and provides industry-leading arctic offshore drilling services. With a proven history in specialty environments like the arctic, our personnel is fully equipped in solving the unique challenges that come with this environment.

There are a wide range of procedural, and even legal, hurdles that come with arctic offshore drilling. These logistical challenges call for our innovative, methodical harsh environment offshore drilling services in order to maximize rig efficiency and safety, as well as reduce costs associated with equipment issues during its life cycle.

Offshore drilling in the unforgiving climate of the arctic

Conducting drilling operations in the arctic can be an unforgiving challenge, resulting in operational failure if not followed through with correctly. With Parker Wellbore’s 80+ years of expertise and technological arctic offshore drilling rig design and services, every detail is accounted for and will be minimized/remedied as much as possible.

Some of the operational hurdles that Parker Wellbore provides solutions for include:

  • Extreme temperatures: Parker Wellbore is here to help take care of your employees from the difficult living conditions faced . Our registered, professional engineering team is able to develop customized harsh environment offshore drilling rig designs for specialty environments like the arctic. These rig designs provide a benefit in crew/personnel safety.
  • Natural elements: Hours of sunlight/darkness, wind, fog and temperature all factor in as operational limitations for drillers that are looking to tame the arctic and similar harsh environments. Not only can Parker Wellbore engineer the rigs to handle the elements, but a suitable operational plan will be set in place as well to ensure both maximum efficiency and safety are achieved.

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Parker Wellbore provides harsh environment offshore drilling services that promote cost-effectiveness, safety and efficiency for arctic offshore drilling operations. Contact Parker Wellbore to learn more about our drilling services.

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