Blowout Preventer Equipment Rentals

Blowout preventer equipment rentals from iTS, Parker Wellbore increases the safety of your rig and ensures the life of the well under ground and sea. Our BOPs work against the blowouts that occur at the end of the bore — whether they be underground or subsea blowouts. iTS, Parker Wellbore strives for and succeeds in offering the best BOP systems for rig safety to prevent obstruction of your drilling operations.

iTS, Parker Wellbore provides only the highest quality, OEM certified Blowout preventer equipment rentals to enhance your rig safety and efficiency through our:

  • Globally Integrated Management System (IMS), and
  • ISO and API certified facilities.

Alongside our full suite of premium blowout preventer equipment for rental, iTS, Parker Wellbore also provides industry-leading technical support to ensure that our equipment is implemented in the best possible way your operation.

BOP rental equipment for underground blowouts

iTS, Parker Wellbore treats all operational risks and potential disruptions as seriously as possible. We believe that nothing is more important than stopping a blowout, as blowouts pose a great risk to the crew, and underground blowouts can bring drilling operations to a screeching halt. You can trust our equipment to maintain the efficiency of your operation and comply with international safety standards. Without iTS, Parker Wellbore’s drilling rig blowout preventer systems in place, you could put your team and rig at risk of blowouts, disrupted operations and non-productive time.

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At iTS, Parker Wellbore, we take drilling and rig safety seriously. All of our blowout preventer equipment rentals meet, and exceed, industry standard specifications. On top of that, all our equipment is routinely inspected and tested to ensure that it is ready to go for all of your drilling safety needs. Connect with our client services team to learn more now.

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