Carbon Capture

We are the global partner of choice for minimizing risk and optimizing performance in wellbore construction. We put our decades of experience to work to support CCS projects


In Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS), carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions generated out of concentrated sources from industrial and manufacturing processes are removed, captured and stored deep underground in geological formations.

CCS in the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Parker Wellbore is the market leader in drilling for CCS in shallow waters in the U.S. Gulf Coast. We partner with customers interested in capturing point source industrial CO2 emissions. Industrial conglomerates clustered along the U.S. Gulf Coast combined with the super basins in Texas and Louisiana makes this area a hub for carbon capture.

Barge Rigs

We are the premier barge rig leader in the market, and we have our own “owned” barge assets ready to work. Our barge rig fleet specifically serve inland waters customers for CCS along the U.S. Gulf Coast

Current CCS activities

Parker Wellbore is working on a project that will allow us to begin drilling exploratory, stratigraphic, monitoring and injection wells in the U.S. Gulf Coast for blue hydrogen projects seeking carbon capture solutions for permanent sequestration. This project is for the U.S. Gulf Coast hydrogen pipeline network from Galveston Bay, TX to New Orleans. We are working on exhaust scrubbers to reduce the concentrations of harmful exhaust pollutants while drilling for carbon capture. We are collaborating with service providers on CCC services that include well design for Carbon Capture for broader execution.

CCS opportunities

Through collaboration on well integrity, including working with others in the CCS value chain, we focus on:

  • Casing
  • Well cementing
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Construction of CO2 injection wells that meet a higher construction standard than conventional oil and gas wells
  • In addition, our Parker portfolio allows us to offer other services such as:
  • Integrated service offerings
  • Integrated CCS approaches with our tubular running services (TRS) and rental tools.