Carbon Capture

We are the global partner of choice for minimizing risk and optimizing performance in wellbore construction. We put our decades of experience to work to support CCS projects

CCS opportunities

With an expansive portfolio of offerings, Parker Wellbore can help support your CCS project in a multitude of services including:

  • Drilling and wellbore construction services, with 90+ years of experience
  • In House Engineering Design team to support modifications to existing rigs, or a custom build rig from the ground up
  • Exceptional QHSSE procedures and O&M execution through our Integrated Management System (IMS)
  • Parker digital platform to support real time data analytics and predictive maintenance through our Real-Time Operating Center (RTOC)
  • Equipment rental options through Quail Tools in the US and Parker Wellbore in international markets, including BOP’s, PCE, Tubulars, BHA tools, Fishing equipment, etc.

CCS in the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Parker Wellbore partners with customers interested in storing point source industrial CO2 emissions permanently underground. Industrial conglomerates clustered along the U.S. Gulf Coast combined with the super basins in Texas and Louisiana makes this area a hub for carbon capture.

Current CCS activities

Parker Wellbore is currently in the early stages of providing drilling and wellbore construction services for a landmark CCS project in the U.S Gulf Coast. This project is for the U.S. gulf Coast hydrogen pipeline network from Galveston Bay, Tx to New Orleans. We are also collaborating with service providers on CCS services, including CCS specific well design, for a broader execution.

Barge Rigs

Parker Wellbore is the premier barge rig leader in the U.S., with eight rigs in our fleet. Our diverse barge rig fleet is specifically designed to serve customers along the U.S. Gulf Coast with a focus on carbon capture and storage projects.