Complex Drilling Rig Designs

Clients in the petroleum industry are always looking for new ways to maximize efficiency and reliability with their equipment — which is why they rely on Parker Wellbore for innovative, complex drilling rig designs. Choosing our company’s custom drilling rig structure design services helps optimize your operation for production by enhancing operational safety and efficiency.

Parker Wellbore takes pride in our success in drilling rig production platform design because of our 80+ years of experience in the industry, providing anywhere from fully customized rig designs to consulting for drilling rig design optimization strategies.

Complex drilling rig designs for land and barge operations

Parker Wellbore offers one of the largest fleets of offshore drilling barges, with ranges extending past 30,000 feet. We help match you with the right custom drilling rig structure design services, along with equipment rentals that can help you meet your goals quickly and efficiently. If an off the shelf rig design or modified existing rig does not meet the requirements needed for specialty environments, like the arctic, desert, and offshore environments, Parker Wellbore can oversee the design and fabrication for a customized purpose drilling rig. As a registered professional engineering firm, our customers are assured that every aspect of our custom drilling rig design services are of the highest quality.

Additionally, our team will help you avoid any lack in production by carefully considering key elements like pump capacity, temperature and pressure requirements. With Parker Wellbore’s combination of careful analysis and the use of an AC variable frequency drive (VFD), we can create a powerful solution for your drilling needs.

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Why settle for anything but the best? When it comes to technical competence, attention to safety, and production efficiency, you simply cannot beat Parker Wellbore for complex drilling rig designs. Let us do the heavy lifting while you mobilize your teams to get the job done quickly. Contact us today to get started.

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