Data Analytics

Analyzing Data is critical to running an efficient operation. From drilling performance optimization data to emissions control, data tells that story.

Data-Driven Drilling Optimization (D30)

Data Collection. Data Visualization. Reporting & Analytics.

Parker Wellbore’s D3O monitoring program provides real-time monitoring and analytics across global operations. Providing an effective digital data platform benefits our customers by making more time and cost-effective decisions, ultimately improving performance. Using D3O can reduce NPT by mitigating unnecessary drilling practices along with reducing days on wells by improving operational efficiency based on historic data. Our data-driven system provides:

  • Improved Visibility into Operations
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Benchmark Operations
  • Data-Driven Decision Making

Predictive Maintenance

Our Rig Assessment Performance Database (RAPID) brings together Parker Wellbore’s Operational & Maintenance Excellence programs. Parker Wellbore’s RAPID software contains equipment specific content and assessment points for over 90% of the rig equipment in global operation today. Through daily reports and data storage, your rig information is at your fingertips. This is specifically designed for:

  • Rig Start Up
  • Rig Stack Out (Preservation Maintenance)
  • Dry Lease (Operational Readiness)
  • Current Operations (Operations & Maintenance Assessment)
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