Drilling Operations & Management Programs

We at Parker Wellbore have the essential drilling operations & management programs for addressing the critical needs of highly complex drilling projects. When contractors face technically challenging projects, they rely on our resources which allow them to anticipate and conquer proverbial hurdles. These obstacles are no match for our more than 80 years of experience in drilling management.

Our oil rig operations management programs have many components that include but are not limited to:

  • Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED): Here, the innovative engineering design defines the technical requirements of the project at hand. Our drilling rig optimization services, which include our effective FEED services, are able to lay out this important information before any strategic capital investment is made.
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (EPCI): From start to finish of the life cycle prior to drilling, we help oversee productivity and effectiveness of equipment and staff.
  • Operations and Management (O&M): This is a valuable component to our drilling rig management programs because we are able to provide the needed maintenance and repair work for owner-owned rigs. We keep machinery running at its maximum productive capabilities with unmatched restoration, avoid any costly downtime, and all the while enhancing safety and equipment reliability.

The cost-effective aspects that help define our drilling operations & management programs can provide much more to our customers than top quality management and training. Our main focus is on our customers and their safety, and we plan to build strong relationships with each one along the way.

Parker Wellbore provides highly effective oil rig operations management programs

Parker Wellbore is a valued resource when it comes to planning, managing and optimizing complex drilling projects. Parker Wellbore utilizes the latest breakthroughs in technology to create highly effective drilling operations & management programs. This technology includes our Integrated Management System that minimizes cost, downtime and drilling time for the clients that we serve.

The efficient performance of our seasoned crews of engineers and other drilling professionals is undeniable, as referenced in our sterling Total Recordable Incidence Rate. Our goal is to always streamline the drilling process for the many clients that we work with.

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At Parker, our aim is to help energy companies accomplish their operational goals efficiently, reliably and safely, through advanced drilling, rental, and operational solutions.

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