Rig Preventative Maintenance Systems

Drilling rig preventative maintenance systems are becoming more sophisticated with each passing year, and at Parker Wellbore, our systems are designed to dial in safety efforts and the cost-effectiveness of drilling operations.

Here at Parker Wellbore, we provide operations and management (O&M) services for customer-owned rigs in addition to computer-based preventative maintenance. These drilling rig equipment maintenance services utilize the most cutting-edge, innovative technology that lays the groundwork for superior safety and cost-effectiveness within your drilling operation.

The benefits of effective rig maintenance services with Parker Wellbore

Our industry-leading drilling rig predictive maintenance systems enhance many aspects of rigs, including safety and efficiency. Additional benefits of implementing our maintenance systems include:

  • Minimized non-productive downtime associated with rig maintenance
  • Avoid or mitigate risk of equipment failure
  • Preserve or restore equipment reliability
  • Minimized and/or controlled equipment maintenance costs
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

At Parker Wellbore, we know that the success and reliability of the maintenance and management of drilling operations is  not only focused on technical expertise; but also on assessing your drilling rig equipment maintenance services through the capturing, reporting and evaluating of field data.

Drilling rig maintenance management systems that are rooted in real industry data

With decades of experience, Parker Wellbore has developed maintenance management systems that incorporate both preventive and predictive maintenance activities. These programs utilize data and findings from your operation to anticipate and avoid problems before they occur. With these systems in place, the maintenance process is optimized to control costs, meet customers’ requirements, and ensure safety across all facets of an operation. These systems include key features, such as:

  • Scheduled preventive and predictive maintenance activities
  • Quality collection plans
  • Condition based maintenance assessments
  • Equipment failure reporting
  • Corrective actions and implementation reporting

Contact Parker Wellbore for preventative maintenance services

Optimizing maintenance is a key component of an efficient and reliable drilling operation, and Parker Wellbore can help you achieve this through our knowledge, experience and proven results. Implementing our drilling rig preventative maintenance systems means keeping workers safe and putting your money to good use. Contact Parker Wellbore for more information on our maintenance systems and how we can implement them into your operation.

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