Drilling Rig Procurement Management Services

When trusting Parker Wellbore with your drilling rig procurement management services, you can rely on us to help overcome the varying challenges associated with oil rig supply chain management services. Our expert team works together with operators and suppliers to keep costs down and mitigate risk through all aspects of the supply chain.

Parker Wellbore offers procurement and supply operations & management systems for the oil and gas industry that fulfills all of your needs including:

  • Bid clarification and evaluation,
  • Supplier and subcontractor evaluation,
  • Logistics,
  • Invoicing, and
  • All follow up.

Working with a reputable and knowledgeable supply chain partner like Parker Wellbore can help you reach your project’s financial goals. With decades of hands-on experience, Parker Wellbore is able to implement proven procurement management strategies to reduce your costs and mitigate risk.

Unlocking efficiency at every point of your supply chain

Through procedural discipline and enterprise asset management software implementation, the drilling industry has seen potential for cost improvements in oil rig supply chain management services. At Parker Wellbore, we know that drilling operators are looking to boost cost effectiveness at all points of the supply chain, and use strategic plans and automation, to bring immense value to our customers by:

  • Strategic Sourcing Agreements
  • International Logistics
  • Inventory Management

Leverage the experience of Parker Wellbore

Outsourcing your drilling rig procurement management services to Parker Wellbore has great benefits, including access to our team with extensive experience in high profile and challenging projects.

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See how Parker Wellbore can create a competitive advantage for your drilling operations through our drilling rig procurement management services. We are the leading provider of premium contract drilling and drilling-related services. We fulfill our promise of providing our customers with a predictable, efficient and compliant supply chain while maintaining integrity and ethical business practices with customers, competitors and suppliers.

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