Energy Transition

Parker Wellbore is powering the energy transition by providing advanced wellbore solutions for carbon capture, geothermal and well abandonment in markets all over the world.

Navigating the energy transition and moving towards a green economy

We take our role as a good global citizen seriously when it comes to climate change. For global GHG emissions to reach net zero by 2050, a collective, worldwide commitment from stakeholders is needed.

Parker Wellbore has begun this journey with our customers by:

  • Focusing on long-term sustainable solutions for transitioning energy markets
  • Harnessing the power of our experience in traditional hydrocarbons and bringing it to new business segments; geothermal, carbon capture, and well abandonment
  • Employing a collaborative mindset with our customers to address shifting market demands to find lower carbon emissions solutions for our operations
  • Developing opportunities that offer the potential to scale through strategic alliances, ventures, and partnerships
  • Looking towards M&A activities, decarbonization technologies and commercialization opportunities to progress the growth in energy transition solutions