Competencies and O&M Solutions

Developing innovative solutions to achieve a lower-carbon future

ESG Competencies

Parker’s dynamic systems and programs work together to drive operational excellence for our customers.

Our IADC-accredited Competency Assurance Program prepares our employees to perform their jobs safely as they meet our customers’ requirements and to stay alert for continual improvement opportunities, and it promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion by providing opportunities for career growth to our global workforce. We also design, build, operate, and maintain our equipment and assets for purpose and reliability based on technical requirements and customer needs. These efforts adhere to our API Q2-compliant Integrated Management System (IMS), the cornerstone of our process discipline approach to operational excellence and our continual improvement loop.

We recognize that top-of-mind ESG issues, such as GHG emissions reductions and ecological footprint management, are important to our customers. Our longstanding ability to operate responsibly in the world’s toughest environments makes Parker a clear choice for customers who are sensitive to ESG concerns. Our company ESG strategy reflects our commitment to being a responsible operator as we support and strive to further our customers’ ESG goals.

ESG Solutions for Operations & Management (O&M) of Customer-Owned Assets

Since 1972 Parker Wellbore has been conducting Operations and Management (O&M) for both land and offshore projects in a range of challenging environments from the Arctic conditions in Alaska, the jungle and mountains of Papua New Guinea, to the desert islands of Abu Dhabi. Applying best practices developed through the years, we customize packages to help our customers achieve their project goals through management services, operational discipline, performance improvement, and by reducing total operating costs.

We believe that a successful O&M operation requires commitment, ownership, and the right people, which is why we treat all of our O&M operations as if they were our own. We strive to minimize our operational impact on the environment, safeguard our employees and associates, manage the integrity of our supply chain, comply with laws and regulations, and work to the highest standards of business integrity. Treating our customer’s workplace as our own means, Parker finds innovative ways to save time, improve safety, and ensure operational success.

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