Unlocking the heat below the earth’s surface to provide the world with a renewable source of baseload energy, focusing on new and existing customers in the Asia-Pacific Ring of Fire.

Worldwide experience and hands on expertise, Parker Wellbore has drilled or provided Technical Services to:


Parker Wellbore has drilled over 100 geothermal wells and provided technical services in Indonesia for over 40 years.


Drilled a series of wells with two rigs in a multi-year geothermal development project for the Philippine National Oil Company.

New Zealand

Drilled a series of wells on a geothermal project for Electricity Corporation of New Zealand and more than 20 wells for Mighty River Power at the Kawerau and Rotokawa geothermal projects.


Drilled the first geothermal well in the country for Geoenergia Andina S.A., in the mountain region near Manizales.

Hawaiian & Ascension Islands

Drilled multiple geothermal wells on both islands.


Drilled both onshore and offshore geothermal wells.

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The Energy Transition, Geothermal and Parker Wellbore

When looking for a renewable source of power that provides constant baseload energy, look no further than geothermal. Geothermal energy is the most reliable source of the renewable energy sources, and conventional geothermal drilling is core to our business at Parker Wellbore. With nearly 50 years of geothermal experience, we have developed a strong understanding of the unique challenges faced in geothermal operations.

We have created customized drilling solutions to meet even the toughest environmental requirements for some of the world’s largest energy companies around the globe with:

  • Supplemental drilling fluid cooling systems
  • Design and implementation of rig safety features unique to geothermal drilling
  • Custom designed substructures to accommodate large BOP stack-ups
    Soundproofing installations
  • Soundproofing installations
  • Custom designed skidding systems including pony subs for efficient well-to-well moves and precise placement of rig on pads with unique well configurations

Supporting Indonesia through operational discipline

Over the past 40+ years in Indonesia, Parker Wellbore Indonesia has provided operations and management services for geothermal customers. These customers have benefited from our extensive drilling experience, methods, and API Certified Integrated Management System.

  • We have completed close to 100 geothermal wells in Indonesia with a focus on:
    Providing safe, reliable, and efficient operations through:

    • Advanced technical services
    • Customized rig solutions to meet the tough geothermal conditions
    • Robust procedures and programs for training, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
    • Operational Discipline
    • Predictive maintenance

This process driven approach combined with the expertise to drill faster along with a strong safety record, resulted in cost savings for our Indonesian customer.

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Case Studies

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