Ethics Hotline

Parker Wellbore Ethics Hotline/NAVEX Global Information

Anyone who has a concern about the Company’s accounting, internal controls, auditing matters or any other irregularities involving the Company’s employees or assets is encouraged to communicate that concern directly to the Company’s confidential, anonymous ethics hotline system at 1-855-214-1480 (free call USA only) or + 1 678-248-7250 (reverse-charge call – outside the U.S.) or They may also confidentially or anonymously communicate their concerns directly to the Compliance Department, Internal Audit, or the Law Department. Employees may see Company’s Whistleblower Policy under Governance for additional information. You may also reach the Chief Compliance and Integrity Officer and the General Counsel at

Local / National Telephone Numbers for Our Ethics Hotline
Country Access Code Telephone
Bangladesh N/A Reporting by phone is not available for this location.
Canada No access code needed 1-855-214-1480 or 1-855-350-9393
Colombia No access code needed 01-800-5-1-89250
India 000-117 8552141480
Indonesia 001-801-10 8552141480
Iraq N/A Reporting by phone is not available for this location.
Kazakhstan No access code needed 8 (7172) 90 68 08
Kuwait N/A Reporting by phone is not available for this location.
Malaysia 1-800-80-0011 8552141480
Mexico 01-800-288-2872 8552141480
Mexico (Por Cobrar) 01-800-112-2020 8552141480
Netherlands 0800-022-9111 8552141480
Nigeria 0-708-060-1816 8552141480
Norway 800-190-11 8552141480
Papua New Guinea No access code needed Only via reverse charge call + 1 980-500-7618
Russia (Moscow & St. Petersburg) 363-2400 8552141480
Russia (most locations and carriers) 8^10-800-110-1011 8552141480
Russia (outside Moscow) 8^495-363-2400 8552141480
Russia (outside St. Petersburg) 8^812-363-2400 8552141480
Saudi Arabia Not Required 800-850-1542
Trinidad and Tobago 1-800-872-2881 8552141480
Ukraine 0-800-502-886 8552141480
United Arab Emirates 8000-021 or 8000-555-66; 8000-061 (cellular) 8552141480
United Kingdom 0-800-89-0011- British Telecom 8552141480
United States of America No access code needed 1-855-214-1480
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