IADC Contractor For Land & Offshore Drilling Applications

Enlisting the services of a trusted IADC contractor for land drilling and offshore drilling applications can be essential to the success of your operation. At Parker Wellbore we have systems in place that identify the core competencies needed to perform job duties, and training systems to continually improve these competencies, allowing us to stay at the forefront of emerging best-practices for land and offshore rig operations.

Why customers choose IADC drilling contractors

Regardless of whether your drilling project is conducted on land or offshore, using IADC drilling contractors means working with professionals that you can trust.

As an IADC contractor for land drilling, Parker Wellbore successfully provides value to our customers by continually enhancing our services and support. We accomplish this through continual improvement programs, such as:

  • Competency Assurance: A process in which Parker Wellbore assess the current personnel competence. This is key for identifying both strengths and weaknesses for the crew/team/entity.
  • Competency Development: When hiring a drilling contractor for land drilling rigs, it’s critical to make sure that the right systems are in place to identify and remediate competence gaps. As an IADC drilling contractor, Parker Wellbore brings value to customers with robust training programs that enhance individual performances.
  • Talent Management Programs: With programs that include talent acquisition and retention, Parker Wellbore provides learning & growth opportunities for employees.

With continual improvement programs, we provide the most innovative drilling solutions that benefit of energy industry on a global scale.

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From our services and product management, to our rental tools and equipment — as an IADC contractor for land drilling and offshore drilling, we are dedicated to bringing safety and efficiency to your operation. If you are looking for an IADC-certified drilling contractor for offshore rig operations or land drilling, then consult with Parker Wellbore.

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At Parker, our aim is to help energy companies accomplish their operational goals efficiently, reliably and safely, through advanced drilling, rental, and operational solutions.

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