TRS Mechanic

Odessa, TX, us Full-time

Company Description

Parker Wellbore helps energy companies accomplish their drilling and production goals efficiently, reliably, and safely. Our global team supports oil and gas operators with innovative land and offshore drilling services, premium rental tools and well services, and advanced operations and management support. Founded in 1934, Parker Wellbore helps customers manage their costs and mitigate their risks, to achieve their operational goals in a safe and efficient manner. With experience in both harsh-environment regions and complex drilling situations, you can trust Parker Wellbore to get the job done.

Job Description

This position is responsible for the maintenance and repair of hydraulic systems on the Company’s rigs. Provides failure-free and technically correct safe operating performance of hydraulic equipment. Inspects, trouble shoots and performs repairs of hydraulic systems, on rig and support equipment.

Essential functions

Inspects hydraulic, hose and cable operated attachments on cranes and on site equipment; Overhaul / recondition / performance testing of hydraulic components including fixed and variable displacement pumps and motors, open and closed loop systems, manual, solenoid-operated, proportional and servo valve, hydraulic cylinders, filtration, hoses and pipe assemblies; Upgrading and improvement of onsite hydraulic equipment. Perform skilled and unskilled laboring duties related to the installation, maintenance and repair of a wide variety of mechanical / hydraulic systems and equipment; Organizes inter-repair maintenance, timely and high-quality repair and modernization of hydraulic equipment, works on increasing its reliability and durability, technical supervision of the condition, maintenance, repair of major and minor equipment, ensures the rational use of materials for repair; Supervise adjustment and alignment, new equipment utilization, in equipment tests, in hydraulic equipment acceptance, in hydraulic equipment removal from operations; Examine equipment, separate units and component parts working condition, develop and make arrangements for unplanned equipment shut-down prevention, separate units and component parts service life, overhaul life extension, improve integrity of equipment, in service reliability improvement, arrange specialized repair on the rig; Takes part in equipment excessive wear, down time root causes investigation, in incidents investigation, in development and implementation of liquidation and prevention activities; Maintain control for equipment installation, proper equipment storage at warehouse, check and provide lifting and other equipment to government technical control in time; Improve service treatment of operating equipment, repair and preventative maintenance arrangement based on labor mechanization and advanced technologies application, subordinates work management improvement; Fulfill requirements for PTW permit to work as required to perform duties; Fulfill requirements to safely perform isolations of equipment following the Lock Out Tag Out guidelines and procedures; Responsible to service, maintain and diagnose symptoms on the drilling rig equipment; Responsible for rigging up/down the drilling rig as applicable; Ensure that all maintenance-related procedures are carried out in a safe manner and in compliance with the regulations of the company and accordingly with good engineering practices Responsible for creating and requesting materials using approve company Field Requests forms to the maintenance supervisor for review and further processing; Responsible for carrying out any and all work as assigned;


Necessary qualifications, skills and abilities

A High School Diploma is required Secondary vocational education and, or Electrical Safety certificate required Should have at least 3 years of specific work experience Must have knowledge of hydraulic and mechanical systems and be skilled at working with hand and power tools and operating work vehicles such as forklift, trencher, crane, etc. Shall be familiar with: The technological process of drilling wells for oil, gas, for the detection of thermal, iodine-bromine water and other minerals; Drill Rig Maintenance team Organization; Equipment operation and maintenance operations scheduling methods and procedures, able to use a preventative maintenance planning system Oracle; Hydraulic Specialist/Mechanic must have a good working knowledge of topdrive, drawworks, iron roughneck, pipe handling systems, hydraulic power units, and other hydraulic driven rig equipment; Hydraulic Specialist/Mechanic should have a good working knowledge of pressure fluid systems; Must have the ability to read, understand, and interpret mechanical drawings, piping and instrument diagrams, hydraulic flow diagrams, and manufacture supplied manuals for rig equipment; Must have good verbal communication skills and be able to effectively communicate with staff, management, customers and vendors. Must possess sound reasoning skills and have the ability to follow directions.


Position competencies

  • Initiating & Driving Change
  • Result Focused
  • Team Work
  • Customer Focus

Physical demands and work environment

  • Oversee and manage the overall quality of projects and/or employee performance.
  • Ability to gather, analyze, and interpret data.
  • Ability to work around moving machinery
  • Ability to perform under stress, under pressure, and/or in emergency situations.
  • Lift, carry, and move objects of up to 50 pounds.
  • Operate machinery and/or power tools.
  • Ability to walk on uneven ground (gravel, rocks, mounds, ice)
  • Wear personal protective equipment, including but not limited to hard hat, steel-toed safety shoes, hearing protection, respirators, safety glasses, goggles and full body harness.
  • Frequently stand, walk, stoop, kneel, carry, push/pull, reach, and use repetitive wrist and hand movements.
  • Ability to ascend and descend ladders, stairs, scaffolding, and/or ramps while carrying tools requiring a reasonable degree of physical stamina and agility and involving moderate to severe physical exertion
  • Operate motor vehicles and/or heavy equipment.
  • Ability to work in adverse weather conditions (Cold or Heat)
  • Ability to multitask, work in a fast-paced environment, meet deadlines, reason logically, and make sound decisions.
  • Ability to comprehend, remember, and follow verbal and written directions and comply with Company policies, procedures and standard.
  • Ability to work in hazardous conditions (dust/gas/fumes/steam/chemicals)
  • Ability to work at heights (scaffolding or ladders)
  • Sit/stand while performing primarily sedentary work
  • Exposure to vibration (oscillating movements of the extremities or whole body)
  • Ability to work in noisy environments
  • Ability to work in small and/or enclosed spaces
  • Ability to work as a team, communicate and interact with others in a professional manner, and consider alternative and diverse perspectives.

Job Location