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When sending your equipment for maintenance or repair, you want to ensure that it is returned to you quickly and in the best operational state and at Parker Wellbore our dedicated facilities can do just that. With locations worldwide, we are ready to handle your manufacturing, repair and inspection needs, with the latest technology, operated by highly skilled and experienced personnel.Services include:

  • Manufacture
  • Repair
  • Inspection
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • QC Services
  • Welding Services

Every Parker Wellbore workshop worldwide meets the highest standards of both safety and quality including:

  • API Q1
  • ISO 9001
  • API Monogram Specification, such as API 7-1 and API 5CT
  • Various Premium Connections
  • Hard Banding

To learn more about what Parker Wellbore can do for you, please contact us at:
United States | Quail Tools: or +1 337-365-8154
International | Parker Wellbore: and +1 281-406-2000
Machine Shop and Inspection – 2024
Machine Shop and Inspection – 2023


Parker Wellbore Norway is a leading company within machining services which offers repair and maintenance of all types of pipes and accessories (OCTG), as well as new production of downhole equipment. What our services have in common is that all the equipment we process and manufacture is used in connection with drilling and extraction of oil and gas on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Parker Wellbore Norway (I.O.S Tubular Management) holds licenses for the production of the most used threads (VAM, Tenaris, NOV Grant and Oilstates) on the Norwegian continental shelf, and we serve our customers from locations in Tananger (Norsea Base) and in Florø (Fjord Base) .

Machining is carried out on all types of steel quality and for surface treatment we carry out both Manganese and Zinc, as well as copperplating. Everything in accordance with the requirements and specifications applicable from the licensee.

Through targeted work and continuous focus on quality and HSE improvements, Parker Wellbore Norway is a solid and reliable supplier.
Parker Wellbore Norway (I.O.S Tubular Management) is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015, 14001: 2015 and is registered in EPIM.
Get in touch for more information about which lengths and sizes we have the capacity to machine.


For several years, Parker Wellbore Norway has focused on digitizing internal processes in order to operate more efficiently and thereby increase production capacity.

Tag Hub was implemented in 2013 as a tracking system with the intention that products delivered to Parker Wellbore Norway could easily be found again in warehouses/outside areas by using QR codes on the products.

Eventually, Tag Hub was also adopted in the production processes so that products can be easily followed through the many operations that must be carried out from start to finished product. By scanning the products, the workers can find the exact status of the product and what is the next operation. Dynamic lists of priorities are generated “live” and the workers move and process the products according to these lists.

In the last year, work has been done actively to tailor Tag Hub to the entire production process with the intention of Tag Hub becoming a 100% production management tool, where planning, operations, routes etc. are recorded.

The use of Tag Hub and QR codes gives Parker Wellbore Norway’s customers a unique opportunity to retrieve information about the product and its life cycle by scanning the QR code. All relevant information and certificates will be made visible to the individual customer. This will be able to simplify the customer’s goods receipt and logistics in-house, as well as at offshore locations. Papers accompanying the item are no longer required. Tag Hub makes it possible to get information about the product regardless of where you are on the globe.

Through digitalisation, Parker Wellbore Norway can also offer to take care of customers’ needs for stock management, documentation management etc.

Get in touch for more information and a demonstration of how far Parker Wellbore Norway has come in the digitization process!


Svein Egil Steen

General Manager Norway

Direct Tel: +47 915 48 514


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Olav Aartun

HMSK ansvarlig

Direct Tel: +47 930 83 599


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Lisbeth Ledaal


Direct Tel: +47 959 19 180


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Arnfinn Høiland

Salgssjef tekniske tjenester – Norge

Direct Tel: +47 913 09 126


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Rune Sveinall


Direct Tel: +47 908 73 645


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Ørjan Skår

Avdelingsleder – Tananger

Direct Tel: +47 988 20 646


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John Frode Faye

Teknisk sjef / Avdelingsleder – Florø

Direct Tel: +47 952 07 080


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Bjørn-André Alræk

Ass. avd. leder – Florø

Direct Tel: +47 414 57 842


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