Wellbore Construction

Building well integrity with Parker Wellbore's Tubular Running Services. Our fit for purpose TRS along with our expertise, will align with your projects goals to construct your well safely and efficiently every time.

Delivering Well Integrity

Our approach to well construction services begins with understanding your challenges across the entire drilling and completion program. Starting with pre planning operations, our global teams collaborate with you to tailor cost effective solutions without compromising safety and service quality.

Tubular Running Services

Parker Wellbore’s Tubular Running Services, provides technologies and services, with a focus on the total tubular cycle from the pipe mill to the wellsite.

Our Offline Operations

(Tubular Management Services) deliver time savings by providing technologies that reduce time on critical path operations without compromising connection integrity or HSE.

Drilling while Casing (DwC)

Utilizing our Dril-Tek Drilling while Casing Casing Running Tool, specifically designed to withstand the rigors of drilling while casing operations, we deliver time savings and risk mitigation through potential loss circulation zones, cutting down flat time and reducing risk.

The application of drilling while casing, when compared to conventional drilling, can deliver time savings of up to 50%. Our Dril-Tek CRT System with enhanced capabilities in delivering higher RPM for longer periods, meet the rigors of Drilling while Casing operations in well construction.

Supported by software technologies in drillability evaluation and torque and drag modeling, and strategic partnerships in Drilling while Casing bits and accessories, our systems can be deployed and supported globally or through our Real Time Operating Center, ensuring oversight on drilling KPI’s in real time.

Mechanical Cementing Products and Casing Accessories

We provide a wide range of mechanical cementing products and casing accessories, from rotating and non-rotating casing centralizers for cementing applications and drilling while casing (DwC), as well as conventional float equipment that can be delivered to the wellsite assembled, ready to go saving time and money in casing running operations.

Drilling Tools and Services

Across the globe, our extensive range of drilling tools and bottom hole assemblies, supported by in-house API Q1 machine shop and repair centers, support drilling and completion running operations 24/7, 365 days per year.

iTS Energie Drilling Jar and Energizer

Designed for use in drilling operations, the iTS Energie Drilling Jar Technology combined with the iTRS Energizer, applies an intensified force either up or down, assisting in downhole stuck competent within the drilling string. Deployed in either horizontal or vertical wells, used in conjunction with the iTS Energize, a two stage system designed to increase impact force to the stuck point, while protecting drill string and surface rig equipment.

Quality Wellbore Focus

Our extensive asset portfolio of drilling tools, compromising of stabilizers, jars, mud motors and friction reduction tools, propriety or from our extensive global supplier network, gives you peace of mind for planned and unplanned operations in drilling and completion operations. Our specialized teams, supported with the latest in software planning and modeling tools work to provide best practices in downhole tool placement, ensuring quality wellbores are delivered. At Parker Wellbore, connections matter. Delivering well integrity through connection integrity, we have developed and evolved critical services and technologies that deliver a solutions-based approach to well construction operations.

Conventional TRS Services

With decades of experience, our specialized technical support and wellsite operations teams provide the right services that deliver connection integrity safely and efficiently.

Our extensive range of casing and completion tongs, packaged with our proprietary torque monitoring systems and software ensure that tubulars are made up correctly to the pipe manufactures recommendations, minimizing thread and tubular damage. Handling tools such as casing elevators and slips from 2 3/8 to 36” along with flush mounted casing and completion spiders provide a hands-free solution to heavy rig floor activities, reducing risk and non-productive time (NPT).

Casing Running Tools (CRT)

With its patented gripping system and integrated safety interlock systems and link tilt bails, the Top-Tek Casing Running Tool (CRT) family provides a multi-task approach to casing running systems. CRT tools incorporate the functions of both casing make-up, fill-up, and circulation as well as the ability to rotate and reciprocate the casing string to bottom, reaming through troublesome wellbores.

  • Top Tek M2 System. 500t 4 ½” to 24”, torque capacity 80,000ftls with up to 60 RPM
  • Dril-Tek Casing while Drilling System, 500t 4 ½” to 24” torque capacity 100,000ftlbs up to 150 RPM for drilling and reaming operations
  • SC Super Compact Tool, 350t 4 1/”2 to 13 3/8 torque capacity up to 50,000 Ftlbs , integrated wireless torque sub
  • Sub Tek Wireless Torque Sub ratings EXII1G, Ex1AT4Ga, CSA/UL/ATEX/iECEx for communication to our Torq-Tek Torque Monitoring Systems for connection make up and evaluation

Tubular Management Services

Our multi-skilled crews in tubular management and running services are qualified to ensure tubular storage, preparation, transportation, handling, and connection make-up are performed in accordance with quality plans and programs, ensuring connection integrity and extended life of production. Our offline operations and services deliver a unique approach to time saving by utilizing offline backing systems and catwalks, reducing connection time at the rotary table.

Remote Connection Monitoring

Through technology and competency programs, we can deliver POB reductions across multiple phases of the program. Linked with our Torq-Tek Torque Monitoring Systems, we can enable the remote observation of connection make-up in real time in our Real Time Operating Center (RTOC) in Houston, Parker Wellbore Satellite Locations.

Connection make-up can be monitored from anywhere in the world, no longer requiring thread connection specialists to be at the wellsite but still providing the ability to observe connection make-up and approve, as necessary.

Through our Virtual Global Support (VGS™) systems including intrinsically safe mixed reality headsets, RealWear, the thread specialists can perform visual thread inspections with the support of our trained technicians, further reducing POB and associated costs with 3rd party specialty services

Benefits of Remote Connection Observation and Monitoring

  • Enables torque turn monitoring services to be performed remotely from RTOC or other satellite locations, reducing POB at the well site.
  • Cost reductions in personnel mobilization to and from the well site.
  • Provides real-time access of connection monitoring to thread manufacturers for evaluation and oversight without having to be at the wellsite, improving connection integrity.
  • Carbon emission reductions with less personnel transportation to and from location required.
  • Removes the requirement for wellsite 3rd party connection representatives, which can be office based.
  • Cloud-based storage systems for end-of-well reports, and client access.
  • Full recording of the job as well as the end of well graphical report

iTRS (Integrated Tubular Running Services)

Parker’s TRS Services are also provided through our global drilling rig operations. Whether they’re on Parker Wellbore rigs or rigs under our Operations and Management program, Parker iTRS results in a reduction of 3rd party services along with gains in efficiency. This coordination in rig operations means shorter casing running times on your well.

Our multi-skilled rig crews, with specialty TRS technicians, provide the full suite of casing and completion running operations, ensuring operations are planned in accordance with real time drilling operations.

Benefits of iTRS Services

  • Expertise in tubular readiness for premium threaded connections ensures each joint is prepped to the connection manufacturer’s compliance and running lists are incorporated into the rig operations.
  • Online or offline, Parker Wellbore incorporates rig technologies to ensure both standard and CRA tubulars are delivered safely and efficiently to the rotary table.
  • Our multi-skilled crews and TRS specialists work together to optimize run times in casing programs and in coordination with drill floor operations for both CRT and power tong services.
  • The Tork-Tek Monitoring Systems ensure each connection is made-up and evaluated to the connection manufacturer’s parameters, building well integrity.
  • Software generated reports provide an overview of connection performance and traceability and built into our end of well reports.
  • Reduction in 3rd party service company personnel, reducing millage driven and carbon emission reduction with less personnel traveling to location

iTRS Capability Brochure

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BHA Drilling Tools

We offer a complete range of BHA drilling solutions to the energy industry, with optimized tool placement and BHA design to help make your operation a success. Our API Q1 certified manufacturing and service facilities are strategically located around the world to support you and help increase the efficiency of your operation.

Our proprietary jars and accelerators – manufactured in-house by our experienced personnel – have been used extensively across the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America since 2008; and continue to provide reliable results across our operations. You can trust that we are on hand to provide you with a complete suite of premium products to meet your needs; either manufactured in-house or procured through our wide network of well-reputed global suppliers.

  • Shock Tools
  • Jars
  • Accelerators
  • Stabilizers
  • Friction Reduction Tools
  • Under-reamers
  • Mud Motors
  • Micro-reaming Tools or Active Stabilizers

To learn more about what Parker Wellbore can do to help you meet your well construction needs, please contact us at:

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