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If you want to ensure a successful drilling operation, having a trusted pressure control equipment supplier like iTS, Parker Wellbore is key. Our rentals team has been serving and operating in the worldwide drilling industry for more than 40 years, and we know what it takes to maintain he safety of your operation. We maintain our equipment and continually improve our services to help support your operational safety and efficiency, while reducing downtime and costs.

PCE rental and equipment services

Through strategic and innovative service offerings, iTS Parker Wellbore is able to enhance operational efficiency. through the use pf proven well control equipment rentals solutions that can be packaged to best meet your needs. These solutions include:

  • BOP Stacks & Diverter Systems
  • Pricing agreements with OEMS
  • Exchange programs
  • Centralized purchasing
  • Certified testing facilities
  • Asset tracking system
  • API certified facilities

With strong international QHSE standards, iTS, Parker Wellbore continues to excel as an international pressure control equipment supplier. All our pressure control equipment is OEM certified and is consistently re-certified and maintained to ensure only quality products and services are delivered to our customers. We also make sure to provide the necessary support that our customers need to make sure that all our equipment and tools are implemented and used correctly. Each member of our team completes thorough continuous competency and certification programs to provide the best customer support possible.

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Drilling operations from all over the world trust us as their dedicated pressure control equipment supplier. Whether your operation needs rental tools and equipment or technical support, iTS, Parker Wellbore is here to help. Learn more about our drilling services and solutions by contacting our friendly and knowledgeable staff today.

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