At Parker Wellbore, nothing is more important than our employees’ health and safety. Protecting our people, their families and the communities where we operate is vital to our operations.

Providing an incident-free workplace is at the core of everything we do and is part of our commitment to deliver innovative, reliable and efficient services to our customers. Through our Target ZERO initiative, we proactively pursue reliable controls to prevent incidents and to safeguard the welfare of our employees, customers, communities, suppliers and the environment. From training to execution, Parker employees prove daily that ‘no hurts, no spills, and zero recordable incidents’ is achievable. We believe in “doing the job right…every time.”
Whether we are operating in arctic conditions, mountainous regions, the jungle, desert or inland coastal waters, our specialized HSE Program ensures that our crews are aware of the hazards and correctly execute the processes we have in place to mitigate risks. Bringing everyone home safe at the end of their workday isn’t our only priority, we also want to ensure that we have no adverse impact to the environment. All of our processes are designed to ensure that all team members do their part. In doing so, not only are we doing the job right, we are taking care of our people, and the environment as well.
Life Saving Rules Circle

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