Reducing Drilling Rig Operational Risks

As an outside contractor for drilling management, Parker Wellbore has proven experience in mitigating risks and costs for drilling operations throughout the world. At Parker Wellbore, our expert team develop drilling project management programs that mitigate costs. With innovative drilling solutions, Parker Wellbore enhances operational safety as well, while also reducing drilling rig operational risks. Our project management services provide you with the confidence you need to safely and efficiently operate drill rigs both on land and offshore.

Benefits of outsourcing drilling project management to mitigate risks

Drilling project management is not a templated set of skills — it is decades of experience. At Parker Wellbore, after more than 80 years of operation, we know that for drilling project management to mitigate costs, it is vital that you pay close attention to detail and maintain a deep understanding of the required technical concepts. Some examples of how Parker Wellbore improves drilling operations are:

  • Parker Wellbore can help your company minimize drilling rig operating costs by developing and executing plans that increase operational efficiency.
  • Time-sensitive processes, such as delivering equipment and obtaining necessary safety training, are often linked to increasing costs for offshore drilling rigs. With industry-leading supply chain management services, Parker Wellbore can deliver the necessary resources to decrease operational downtime and cost.

Parker Wellbore’s approach to drilling project management to mitigate risks is to identify and adapt to the specific drilling environment and operational needs. Whatever challenges you’re facing, Parker Wellbore has a solution to help increase engineering productivity, and lower overall completion costs.

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