Remote Environment Drilling Operation Services

Remote environment drilling operation services is a prime example of how Parker Wellbore learned to meet customer expectations, which previously had been deemed unattainable. By reducing costs and mitigating risk, Parker Wellbore helps your organization make drilling operations in isolated areas a viable option.

At Parker Wellbore, we provide extreme environment drilling optimization services that harness our years of experience to overcome the specific challenges these environments present. We leverage innovative designs to ensure our operations thrive in arctic temperatures, high mountain altitudes, or dense jungles.

Extreme Environment Oil Rig Operation Solutions

Consider some of the following locations that Parker Wellbore’s remote environment oil rig operation solutions can benefit your drilling operation inside and out:

  • Arctic and Extreme Cold locations including Alaska, Russia, and Canada
  • Offshore platforms in Canada and Russia
  • Deserts locations including the Middle East and Africa
  • Jungles of South America and Papua New Guinea
  • Mountains of Kurdistan and Central/South America

Parker Wellbore has been a trusted name in this field for many decades, with accomplished team members that can provide you with the services and solutions you need to take your drilling operations to never ending limits.

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