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We are an industry-leader for safe, effective tubular running services and equipment that successfully minimizes rig time for our customers.

We have developed running systems and process that masterfully handle tubulars and casings, completing operations without endangering the wellbeing of personnel. Our tubular running equipment provides the needed torque for the application to bring new levels of efficiency to your drilling application.

We understand that drilling equipment rentals are vital for a successful drilling project

Well drilling handling tools rentals have the ability to streamline your drilling application, it’s important to find running or tubular rental equipment that utilizes the latest technology in tubular handling, including:

  • Drill pipes
  • Drill collars
  • Pup joints
  • Casings
  • Production tubing

Parker Wellbore we understand that tubulars all have different needs and that some pieces of equipment will prove more effective for your application than others. We can therefore help recommend the optimum package from the available tubular running equipment = incorporating technology such as:

  • Hydraulic systems
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Manual handling systems

Finding, or designing, the right system means enhancing the safety of workers, the physical condition of the tubulars and other rig equipment and minimizing rig time — all of which are common goals for the clients that we work with.

Consult with Parker Wellbore about our available tubular running services

Our staff of engineers, technicians and drilling professionals would be happy to talk to you about the overall scope of your project and what type of tubular running service that it might require (i.e. conventional, automated CRT etc..)

We’re constantly working to enhance and perfect our tubular running services and are prepared to tailor service to meet the needs of your drilling application. Consult with the dedicated team at Parker Wellbore right now.

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What We Do

At Parker, our aim is to help energy companies accomplish their operational goals efficiently, reliably and safely, through advanced drilling, rental, and operational solutions.

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