Upgraded Rigs

Parker Wellbore delivers engineered solutions to avoid heat trapping gases, including dual fuel engine upgrades or natural gas compatible fuel systems using 40% less emissions than coal.

Natural Gas/Dual Fuel

We offer many solutions for customers interested in minimizing diesel usage including dual-fuel options and natural gas engines.

  • We can design rigs fit for purpose and that include using:
    • Natural gas
    • Highline power
    • Dual fuel
  • We can customize our product offerings to reduce emissions by using innovative fuel solutions like using natural gas compatible power systems instead of diesel.
PW Rig 272

While the world continues to make progress toward clean energy technologies that can provide the same level of energy abundance, reliability, and affordability as fossil fuels, natural gas has emerged as an important transitional fuel. We can support customers looking to use this fuel and work through several innovations that increase efficiency using natural gas rig power systems.