Complex Operations

Efficiency in remote and complex operations


Complex drilling operations require an expert understanding of potential risks, challenges, and available technology.

When drilling in harsh, extreme or remote environments, you need an experienced rig contractor and strong operations helping you overcome the unique challenges that accompany these projects. Having the right support mitigates the risk of projects being over budget, behind schedule, or not meeting the project specifications. Our aim is ensuring that your rig build or upgrade runs smoothly from concept development to operational start up and operation, no matter the challenge. We can help you, regardless of what stage your project is in.

Technology and new builds are not always the best approach

At Parker, our experience, knowledge, skills, and operational excellence help us provide you with customized, fit-for-purpose Technical Services and Rig Management solutions. We set ourselves apart by truly working with you to better understand and meet your needs, whether it be a full rig build, upgrade or operational solution; appreciating that building a new rig may not be the most cost-effective solution. We take total ownership of each major phase of a project:

  1. Defining the challenge
  2. Defining the rig or modification requirements
  3. Designing the rig or modification
  4. Procure, fabricate, test, and verify
  5. Startup and ongoing Drilling operations

Our approach includes integrating our Technical Services team with both our operations team and your team to mitigate risk, improve performance, and ensure success. Working as one team with the same goal means that we can utilize your knowledge of the  type of well to be drilled; maximize on our operational discipline; and allow our Technical Services group to provide the tool to do the job right.

With innovation at our core, we have always found solutions that meet our customer’s extreme environment challenges with experience spanning:

Remote and/or Extreme Environments:

  • Arctic
  • Desert
  • Rainforest
  • Mountains
  • Offshore

Technical Challenges:

  • Extended reach drilling
  • Fast and efficient rig moves
  • Integration of automation and mechanization
  • Online and offline pipe handling
  • Arctic winterization and ventilation
Parker Wellbore helps you maximize on what you have

Parker Wellbore’s Integrated Management System (IMS) is based our 89+ years of lessons learned and best practices, ensuring we mitigate risk associated with design, development, and operations. Our competent and reliable personnel rely on the IMS and consistently help our customers meet their project objectives on a variety of challenging projects. Recent examples include:

  • Designed and delivered a harsh environment Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) land rig capable of moving either in large modules or in truckable modules for efficient transport.  The project entailed more than 2.5 million man-hours, which we delivered ahead of schedule and without recordable incidents.
  • Implemented an integrated maintenance spares inventory and procurement Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for new build and existing drill rigs operating in remote locations providing a basis for Operational Discipline for maintenance and reliability of drill rig equipment and systems.
  • Delivered an arctic land rig that moves between wells and pad sites with the mast up in three self-powered and self-propelled modules, reducing both time and cost to move between drill site pads.  The rig crew developed custom software to calculate ground bearing pressure, axle loads, and weight distribution derived from on-board live loads and environmental conditions to improve efficiency of rig moves between drill site pads.
  • Led Front End Engineering Design (FEED) of two offshore modular drill rigs designed to withstand a 10,000 year cyclone for operation onboard Tension Leg Platforms (TLP’s).
  • Pioneered the design and implementation of keeping the blow out preventers (BOP’s) warm during harsh environment rig moves.  Saves the customer 6-8 hours on every rig move by not waiting for the BOP and control lines to warm up to operating temperature.
  • Successfully transitioned an existing O&M provider in under 50 days. The Parker team then went on to win the Contractor of the Quarter for our first quarter’s performance and delivered the first three wells one month ahead of schedule.
  • Increased rig uptime from 80% to 97% within six months of assuming O&M responsibility for two ERD land rigs, while keeping local content percentage high.
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