Developing Local Content


To support your goals of increasing local content, we know our success depends on our ability to implement and maintain Operational Discipline with a local workforce.

For Parker Wellbore, this is the basis of how we work on every operation. We leverage the knowledge of our experienced personnel to share best practices, identify competencies, and create a culture of Operational Discipline. Ensuring personnel have the skills they need to complete the task is integral to a successful operation, which is why we have integrated competency assurance within our Operational Discipline Playbook. This Playbook outlines our global commitment to delivering services that meet our customers’ unique needs with Safety Tools; Procedural Discipline; Competency; Audit and Assessment; Key Performance Indicators; and Total Ownership of every operation.

Maximizing our experience from over 60 countries allows us to create specific training and development plans and quickly develop the personnel required for your operation. We ensure development of local workforce is structured and efficient with our IADC-accredited Competency Assurance Program.

With experience in over 60 countries, we bring our global knowledge to the local level.

At Parker, we know that different locations present different challenges for nationalization; we share our lessons learned from each of our previous operations. We build upon this knowledge to align the team’s focus and help our customers to increase productivity; ensure safety culture; and achieve your nationalization goals.

For us, nationalization results in safely lowering operating costs, increasing employee retention, and delivering on operational goals. We achieve this by focusing on personnel; it’s the people that make the difference. Our philosophy is to quickly develop personnel to match your needs through comprehensive training and competency plans for all positions on site, and targeted succession planning.

We design all of our nationalization programs specifically to meet your needs to ensure that operations remain safe, efficient, and reliable.


Nationalization Case Studies

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