Bottom Hole Assembly Component Rentals

Parker is well equipped and staffed when your operation needs bottom hole assembly component rentals. Our company offers, not only the equipment you need, we also can provide your project with the skilled personnel and management team to assist in planning and completing the job.

Parker Wellbore’s BHA drilling component rental services are included in our broad portfolio along with equipment required for both domestic and international operations.

We have found that the simplest bottom hole assembly set ups can run $100,000 and up and this is the very bottom end of the price range. This is just one of the reasons that drilling companies turn to Parker Wellbore for bottom hole assembly component rentals. It is critical to use exceptionally well-maintained equipment for safe drilling. Our quality assurance standards guarantee that our BHA drilling component rental services are top tier with reliable, proven drilling equipment.

Why bottom hole assembly is critical for drilling rigs

The bottom hole assembly is the crucial component to the drilling rig. Different set-ups are required according to the complexity of the well trajectory.

  • A simpler set-up is needed for the straight hole, and there is a more complicated assembly for a directional hole.
  • The role that the bottom hole assembly plays in the overall performance of the rig is so important because it provides the force needed to break the rock.
  • The mechanical environment for the bottom hole assembly job is considered hostile and is at risk for damage due to high torque and impact.
  • The bottom hole assembly is also the key to directional drilling, allowing the operator to control the trajectory of the wellbore.

It is considered standard practice to be able increase the trajectory in three-dimensional space under the often-difficult drilling conditions.  If a problem occurs and a component gets stuck, Parker Wellbore also offers drilling jar rental services to assist in clearing the jam. The jar delivers impact by using kinetic energy stored in the drill string to get your crew back in service.

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