Emissions Reduction Technology

Parker Wellbore has the technical service engineering, operational capabilities through to project management in order to deploy technologies that reduce emissions

Reducing emissions requires converting equipment that run on hydrocarbons to electric-power systems or utilizing renewable sources. It also means being more efficient and optimizing performance. Better energy performance is a key enabler to a lower related carbon footprint. We provide our customers with technology options in the drilling process and offer advanced technology solutions for customers seeking to limit their emissions in a variety of different areas. We have explained what we do in our operations to use technology, innovation, data, and automation to help our customers with their emissions. But what about our own internal company emissions? We are executing our plan in doing just that.

Ours is a three-pronged approach when addressing the environmental impact of emissions resulting directly from our operations:

(1) Monitor, (2) Reduce, (3) Eliminate


We are deploying a fuel tracking system to automatically monitor the diesel consumption of an engine at the rig site. By integrating fuel consumption data with drilling operations data, Parker can quantify the emissions for each drilling operation and further optimize drilling performance.


Parker is actively implementing emissions reduction solutions upstream and downstream of power generation equipment by:

  • Utilizing exhaust side components
    • Selective catalytic reduction
    • Diesel particulate filter
    • Upstream engine management systems.

These solutions reduce GHG emissions by either reducing fuel consumption (increased engine efficiency) or utilizing active emissions control technology.


We are working to lower emission by partnering with a top OFS provider to bring new hydrogen fuel cell technology to market. This drives technology adoption of hydrogen fuel cells to offer customers a ‘Green Fleet’ of rigs that provide emissions-free power to drilling and oil field service operations.