Drilling Rig Modifications

When looking for efficient and reliable drilling rig upgrade designs, Parker Wellbore can help you achieve your goals. Among the top drilling rig modifications and upgrade design providers, Parker Wellbore works to optimize rig safety and drilling efficiency based on specific needs and challenges. Plus, our drilling modifications to optimize rig production can provide your operation with savings in both time and costs.

Developing innovative drilling rig modifications for land-based and offshore teams

In today’s complex drilling environments, especially harsh and remote ones, you need a partner that can help you reach challenging reserves with better-quality products and equipment.

At Parker Wellbore, we have the ability to ensure that your extended reach project goals are achievable, through personalized drilling rig upgrade designs. We can help:

  • Increase pumping capacity, providing for faster extractions and more efficient processes
  • More power for your lateral wells through the installation of new generators
  • Improvements to masts and substructures to help you increase capacity for greater hook loads on extend reach wells

With a team dedicated to providing industry-leading upgrade rig designs that optimize drilling production, we can integrate our design team with project operations when needed for highly customized designs/modifications.

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Upgrading your drill rig can give you more flexibility both financially and technically to access your targeted reserves. When using outdated equipment and undersized components you can experience losses in the pockets and in production time. Ensuring your drilling rigs are kept well maintained and fitted with appropriate upgrades is a key investment and will save you more money over time. With upgrades and modifications from Parker Wellbore, your rigs will always be safe, up-to-date, and optimized to function without worry. For more information on how we can help, contact Parker Wellbore for drilling rig modifications and design services today.

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At Parker, our aim is to help energy companies accomplish their operational goals efficiently, reliably and safely, through advanced drilling, rental, and operational solutions.

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