Electrical Drilling AC VFD Systems

Electrical drilling AC VFD systems are modern technology and highly effective in helping drilling operations fully optimize the power distribution of their rigs. Electrical drilling DC SCR systems are very robust and used in challenging locations for years.

Here at Parker Wellbore, we provide world-class technical drilling rig design to help you make such decisions — determining whether your operation would best benefit from electrical drilling variable frequency drive system or electrical drilling silicon controlled rectifier system.

Innovative Electrical VFD Drilling Services

With our client services team, in addition to our engineering and drilling service staff, Parker Wellbore brings value to electrical VFD drilling through cost savings, operational efficiency and reduced downtime.

These drilling services include:

  • Rig Design Services: Strategically working with client to develop drilling operations and rigs that match requirements and implement highly specialized drilling programs.
  • Rig Modifications: Parker Wellbore will undergo an optimization study and deliver rig modifications to improve the production of both electrical and mechanical rigs.
  • Technical Drilling Rig Services: Our team is fully capable of delivering customized drilling services to provide the best technical drilling support and solutions possible. These cost-effective services include engineering and project management support. 

About electrical drilling AC VFD systems

The benefits of electrical rigs are undeniable, from intuitive, easy-to-use and technologically-advanced controls to superior energy efficiency. Personnel are able to dial in the weight on bit rate, or rate of penetration with ease.

With AC drilling rigs (considered by many to be a superior choice to direct current rigs), Parker Wellbore is able to find and match drilling regulations/requirements in order to meet the needs of your operation.

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Here at Parker Wellbore, we have served as a highly reliable resource for drilling operations for decades. We have an extensive selection of technical training programs where you can learn more about the needs of your drilling operation. This includes information on electrical drilling AC VFD systems and electrical drilling DC SCR systems. Lean on the team at Parker Wellbore to gain the knowledge and expertise needed to handle your drilling operation.

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