Land Drilling Services

Parker Wellbore provides land drilling services that put in place the best strategies, systems and equipment before production begins. Fueled by our fleet of, well-maintained, rigs — which are available on an international scale — in addition to our highly experienced and accomplished team members, Parker Wellbore is the go-to provider of customized drilling solutions for onshore rig operations.

Providing Land Drilling Solutions for Complex Onshore Rig Operations

From off the shelf and custom rig designs to modifying existing onshore rigs, Parker Wellbore provides innovative drilling solutions for onshore rig operations that account for:

  • Safety: Safety should be the top priority for all drilling operations, and is treated as a foundational element in all of our land drilling solutions. Enhancing the safety of rig personnel comes in many forms, from the appropriate training and personal development to optimized maintenance programs.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Managing a drilling project and administering needed maintenance can dictate the cost-effectiveness of a project. With drilling services for onshore rig operations, Parker Wellbore can customize our industry-leading services based on the client’s scope in order to provide the most cost-effective solutions possible.
  • Minimal rig time: By streamlining each phase of your projects life cycle (FEED, EPCM, O&M), our land drilling services are able to help our customers mitigate risk and reduce cost, which is a foundational goal for all drilling operations.

Parker Wellbore has decades of combined experience on our team. We provide drilling solutions that have been utilized by onshore rig operations all across the world — even those in harsh environments or that face especially challenging logistical and technical needs or issues.

With a team of highly skilled and proven engineers and drilling professionals, we are dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of your drilling operation.

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