Environmental, Social, and Governance

At Parker, our people are our most valuable resource. Our employees believe in doing the job right and safely the first time. The health and safety of our employees and customers has always been a core value at Parker, and we are committed to safeguarding their health, safety, and security, and to respecting the basic human rights of our employees and associates. We will continue to deepen our commitment to taking care of people and to being positive members of our communities. We seek to recruit, retain, develop, and reward the most talented people, creating a “One Parker” workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities where we operate. Parker aspires to maintain a diverse and inclusive culture where all our people feel respected and valued.

Workforce Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Employing a diverse workforce and fostering equitable opportunities and pay as well as an inclusive culture helps Parker attract and retain top talent with the expertise and capabilities we need to deliver on our promise to customers. To diversify our workforce and reflect the areas where we operate, Parker seeks to hire talented people in our work locations who want to develop within Parker while staying in their home or surrounding countries. We build local expertise through competency assurance programs, while complying with all laws and regulations and meeting our customers’ contractual requirements. As a global company, we provide assignments for our employees to work internationally, where they have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures. We believe that Parker’s differentiated customer service is directly tied to the knowledge, dedication, and proactivity of our talented and diverse employees and leaders. All Parker employees have the opportunity to progress.

Enhancing Livelihoods in Our Communities

As a global and equal opportunity employer, Parker is dedicated to hiring locally, treating employees equitably, and providing living wages and secure working conditions. Parker respects and supports human rights. We value our employees and associates. In our geo-markets, Parker supports local communities where we operate through various initiatives. We are proud to be a global citizen operating around the world.

Dedicated to Our Employees’ Health and Safety

At Parker, nothing has greater importance than our employees’ health and safety, and we are dedicated to supporting the physical and mental wellness of our employees. Through our culture of compliance, continual improvement, and communication, we reinforce our commitment to incident-free operations. We also emphasize the employee’s responsibility to immediately report accidents and unsafe working conditions. As part of our commitment to employee wellbeing and safety, Parker uses proactive methods and tools to minimize security risks and threats to our work locations that may exist.

Technical Training: Investing in Our People, Proactively Managing Risk

Parker invests in technical training to help ensure our people are prepared to operate safely and meet customer requirements and performance objectives. We deliver training through a variety of methods, including just-in-time learning, coaching, virtual coaching, online classes, and custom-designed courses and programs to meet annual goals. Completed training and development are tracked in Parker’s learning management system. Our formal Competency Assurance Program, which is accredited by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), is designed to tie employee development directly to job performance.

Supply Chain Management for the Benefit of Customers, Suppliers, and Communities

As a major supplier to the oil and gas industry, as well as a major consumer of critical goods and services from third parties, we strive to ensure the integrity of our supply chain. We seek to maximize purchasing from local suppliers to benefit both the suppliers and our communities. When onboarding new suppliers and during our annual supplier audit, suppliers sign an acknowledgment that they do not engage in human rights abuses or exploitation, or use any form of forced, involuntary, or compulsory labor.

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We depend on our most important assets, our employees, to provide exceptional service and delivery in demanding locations. Our commitment to the wellbeing and safety of our employees is a priority that involves process and application, with specific attention to security. In order to minimize the risks and threats that exist globally, we use proactive methods and tools to ensure the security of our employees. These include: travel security monitoring to give a real-time view of where our employees are located globally at all times, security training to employees, security information to travelers, and coordination and communication with clients to create a comprehensive security strategy for alignment and crisis response.

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