Parker Wellbore’s Integrated Management System (IMS) is compliant with the American Petroleum Institute (API) Q2 Specification and is at the core of everything we do.

Quality & IMS

Our IMS is designed to ensure we consistently provide reliable and efficient services, through established risk-based processes that are integrated within all daily work routines and practices.

Our IMS is designed to ensure we consistently provide reliable and efficient services, through established risk-based processes that are integrated within all daily work routines and practices. Comprised of 12 Key Components, our IMS provides a roadmap to help achieve our corporate goals and strengthen our position as a leading provider of premium drilling, rental, and well services to the energy industry. It serves as our guide for setting priorities, managing risk, improving performance and ensuring customer satisfaction every day.

Parker Wellbore also holds numerous API Q1 & Q2, ISO 9001& 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certificates at many of our international rentals locations.


Management Commitment

Our Management Commitment plan communicates our leadership’s commitment to establishing, implementing, executing and continually improving the Parker Wellbore Integrated Management System (IMS).

Information Documents & Records (IDR)

Our IDR management system clearly outlines the roles, responsibilities, and procedures required to structure the document management, document control, and records and information management processes within Parker Wellbore to effectively support our operations.


Our Compliance program — including our Code of Conduct and related policies, standards, and procedures — ensures the Company, its employees and representatives maintain the highest standards of integrity.

Safety & Environment

Our HSE Management System establishes the framework and methodology by which Parker Wellbore’s HSE goals and objectives are achieved, including our global Target Zero: “Zero Injuries, Zero Incidents and Zero damage to the Environment”.


Competency & Training

Our IADC-accredited Competency Assurance Program provides a methodical approach for organizing and structuring the instructional processes from which individual personnel competencies can be assessed and attained, to ensure that we have the right, competent crews for every job to reduce risk and improve performance.

Operational Risk Management (ORM)

Our ORM program establishes the procedures for standardizing a Risk Management process throughout Parker Wellbore by identifying hazards, and assessing and controlling the associated risks.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Our SCM system outlines the policies, procedures, and standards governing the management of all procurement and logistics, to provide cost-effective and on-time support to Parker Wellbore’s global operations.


Operations Planning & Execution

Our Operations Planning and Execution system outlines a proven, systematic approach to minimize non-productive time (NPT), downtime, risk and cost; through implementing, monitoring, tracking, and adapting specific procedures and processes in order to achieve Operational Excellence.

Asset Maintenance Management System (MMS)

Our MMS is based on decades of experience and an analysis of our historic maintenance data, with continual improvement at the core.

Management of Change (MOC)

Our MOC program is designed to ensure that the effects of a change – intended or unintended – are recognized and addressed in order to minimize potential hazards and risk.

Audit & Assessment

Our IMS Audit and Assessment Program establishes the framework and methodology used to conduct IMS audits and assessments in order to evaluate the effectiveness of and compliance of our IMS.

Continual Improvement (CI)

Our CI program provides a strategy and framework to find innovative and reliable solutions, while ensuring we continually strive to be better, every day.

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